30 Day Canva Design Challenge

The 30 day Canva design challenge is here! This awesome challenge gets you using Canva in different ways, creating a design every day for 30 days, also helping you to form a design habit and start to create awesome graphics for your business. let's think outside the box.

Each day a new module will be released with the new video tutorial on how to create the design along with an example design that I have created, this gives you an idea and inspiration of what you can design yourself.

This is a challenge I ran in my Canva facebook group and has been my best selling course to date, it has also received brilliant reviews, I wanted to offer this as a mini course so that anyone can join in at any stage and have full access to all 30 days in an order you can follow easily, plus you can use the list for inspiration with future designs

NOTE: If you're in the Creator Hub membership you will have access to this pack

31 Modules

Day 12 - Create an animated post for a product or service you offer

Day 30 - Congratulations! Create a certificate

No video with the last module as I'd love you to create this one yourself.

Create yourself a certificate, you deserve it, congratulations for completing the full 30 day challenge.

I hope that you have or will post your designs into the Facebook group, FACEBOOK GROUP I'd love to see them, or tag me on your socials.

So on the last day you can either create your own certificate or click the link below which will open up a ready made certificate for you to just add your name and then you can share with the worlds, that you have completed this challenge.


Modules for this course 31
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