The Creator Hub Membership

The Creator Hub Membership

Do you often find yourself staring at a blank Canva template?

Not sure where to begin but knowing you need to get something out to your social channels?

They're starting to look a little desolate and your business needs to grow.

But it's difficult, you're not a designer and funds can't always stretch too far, especially in the beginning.

Wouldn't a simple platform full of short trainings and template packs be just awesome?

That's where this membership comes in, The Creator Hub is here!

Discover how to use Canva, create your own professional quality, branded graphics for your business, simply and quickly, create your social content, sort out your branding and EVEN learn how to create recurring revenue through template creation!

All packaged up in a low cost membership at just £10 per month, or £99 per year

will you be joining us? 

Run by Laura, an award winning business owner, digital designer and Canva creator, creating templates and content on Canva and helping small business owners through courses, templates and trainings

  • Laura has had Over 1.1 million Canva template exports
  • over 250k views on her YouTube channel
  • 4.2k small businesses in her Facebook group
  • Over 750 templates available in Canva
  • Trained hundreds of business owners

As well as the below module guide, you also get access to the full Planner magic course, this course will teach you everything you need to create Planners, diaries and notebooks in Canva and then get them published through Amazon KDP

Currently on sale at £49.99 on it's own, the course is a fully comprehensive work-through to create your own books from scratch, but it also includes a pack of pages to get you started on your first notebook, and a cover guide so you can get a book out within a day (my most recent book took me 3 hours from start to finish)

You also get access to the Canva Back to basics pack

What exactly do you get in the membership?


Module 1 - START HERE - Welcome to the TCHub 

  • A getting started with Canva training
  • How to edit templates training
  • 100 Canva template pack
  • 60 chatGPT prompts for small business growth

Module 2 - Canva feature trainings

  • Canva magic write AI
  • Canva text 2 image AI

Module 3 - Canva Template Packs

  • Business Branding pack and website template
  • Mini template packs 5-15 in each pack
  • 100 Canva templates - The Perfect Pastel Collection
  • 20 Black and White - Black Friday Sales templates
  • Simple Blue and Cream Website template
  • Professional Website Template
  • Small business ebook and workbook template pack
  • Printable quotes pack
  • Instagram Highlights/Icon sets
  • Halloween template pack and highlights
  • Hot pink Halloween templates

Module 4 - COURSE Create your brand in Canva

  • Choosing a Business Name
  • Creating your Logo
  • Finding your fonts
  • Selecting your colours
  • Images that represent what you do
  • Putting it all together and creating your brand kit
  • BONUS Branding ebook
  • BONUS - Understanding Canva's Terms and conditions
  • Branding board templates
  • UPDATE: Canva brand kit

Module 5 - COURSE 30 day Canva design challenge

30 Canva tutorials to get you thinking outside the box and create different designs

Module 6 - COURSE The Back to basics 

  • Training video
  • Back to basics ebook
  • 100 Canva templates to get you started

Module 7 - Canva & AI - Let's get creating!

  • Create a facebook banner training with safe space
  • Create your own website in Canva

Module 8 - Canva & AI - YouTube trainings

A selection of my Youtube videos collated here for easy viewing, to help with different aspects of Canva

Module  9 - AI - Trainings and prompt guides

A new module coming soon!

Module 10 - AI - Image packs and prompts with commercial use licence

  • Background Mock ups (seasonal balloons)
  • Halloween Midjourney Prompt Pack
  • 16 Halloween images
  • Traditional Colouring Pages

Module 11 - COURSE Create Recurring Revenue for your business

  • Mini video series on creating recurring revenue for your business, from research to where to sell, to promo graphics and mock ups

Module 12 - Ebooks & Resources

  • General Business Ebooks
  • Social media post ideas and content
  • Hashtag Lists

Module 13 - COURSE Planner Magic: Creating and Selling Planners with Canva on Amazon KDP

So... how can this membership help your business?

This membership will help you;

  • To become more visible on Social Media
  • Save you money, but still give that professional look
  • Save you time, because I’ve done the hard work for you
  • Stay consistent across your business and social channels
  • Help your followers to recognise your brand more and potentially buy from you

It will also:

  • Help you to create your own branded graphics
  • Help you to refine your brand/colours/logo/images/fonts etc…
  • Give you Trainings and Tutorials on getting the most out of Canva
  • Give Tutorials on new Canva features
  • Social media content posts and prompts

As well as the above;

  • All template packs are editable in a free Canva account
  • Training videos on how to edit templates are available
  • Trainings on how to use Canva for your business, more are being added
  • I've added my full course on creating your own brand and setting it up in Canva
  • There are social media content ideas for you to create quick posts on the go
  • Live Q&A's in the fun supportive Facebook community where you can ask questions, offer advice and seek support
  • Special Guest experts - coming soon
  • I'll be adding in other courses, trainings and template packs.
  • Canva website templates, so you can create your own professional website at a fraction of the cost
  • AI generated prompts and unique images, which you can use to quickly create social media content
  • And so much more... I want this to WORK for YOU

The TCHub for small businesses, who...

Are looking to save time and money by having a hub of ready made Canva templates, all easily editable in a FREE Canva account

Would love to know how to create recurring revenue for their business

Looking to up-skill and learn how to create their own graphics in Canva from scratch

Wanting to put together ebooks for lead magnets

Sourcing social media content to make life easier in the business world

Would enjoy being in a community of support and help along the way

The new Planner course is now included with the membership, this is offered separately at £49.99

This is an ongoing membership and will change and adapt to suit your business, with new content being added.

Other great packs within the membership include the Recurring revenue mini video series and the 60 ChatGPT prompt pack to help you get creating content for your business

30 text based prompts to help you create content for your business

30 Social media posts you can copy and paste and use today!

The recurring revenue mini series, includes everything you need to get started with digital products for your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get that Canva account working for you, let's get you creating amazing, branded content like a PRO

£10 per month or just £99 a year

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