Welcome to the Business Design Academy

Hey, I'm Laura, a Digital designer, Canva Creator and Canvassador! I love to help small businesses get Canva really working for you, making content creation simple!

I can help you with your content creation for business and social channels as well as how to create a passive income through template and element creation, here you will find my membership to help you, I go through everything you need to know to create a passive income, how to use Canva in general and even how to use AI platforms 

Or you can join the Canva back to basics course, this is perfect for beginners starting out and then grab the recurring revenue course to further yourself and your business with digital products.

Do you have creative children? check out the Canva bootcamp for kids

If you're interested in learning more about how you can create your own content, digital products and how to use Canva in general, please  join our fun, supportive community on Facebook Create on Canva

Available Courses

The DIGI Design Club - Membership

Welcome to The DIGI Design Club

Helping to make design simple for small business owners.

Learning how to use Canva and create your own professional quality, branded graphics for your business, simply and quickly.

Creative Kidz! - Canva bootcamp

Looking for a creative and fun way to keep your kids engaged during the summer holidays? Or do you have a creative child who is looking for a fun project?

Join our Canva Bootcamp for children aged 7-14! 🎨 They'll learn to design posters, create birthday cards, craft comic books, and even build mood boards.

Don't miss out on this fantastic chance to unleash your child's creativity.

Officially we start on the 22nd July 2024, but you can sign up now

COMING SOON - The Canva and Ai Content creation workshop (Online)

Create content for your business socials the simple way, no more staring at a blank screen feeling overwhelmed, follow along with these video tutorials and discover how simple it is to always have content you can schedule, includes templates AND prompts for you to use.

COMING SOON - Ai Image Library Subscription

A library of thousands of images you can use for your business, already created and curated for you, just search through the topics to find images you love, all generated through AI technology platform Midjourney

A host of prompts you can use for your business to generate anything from sales pages, blog posts, websites and social media content, never be stuck for content again


The awesome template bundle deal!

6 packs of templates PLUS  a bonus pack of three more - over 500 editable Canva templates!

    Create Your Brand with Canva (In 6 simple steps)

    Ever wanted to create your brand and get it set up correctly in Canva so you can use it on all of your graphics across your business?

    In this simple course you will discover just how easy it is to do and put it all into practice so you have your brand on hand at all times.

    Canva Back to basics

    The Canva back to basics training and template pack, this will get you using the platform in no time, everything you need to start creating your graphics, including 87 ready to use templates, all easily editable in a free Canva account

    Planner Magic: Creating and Selling Planners with Canva on Amazon KDP

    A course to help you create your very own planner utilising Canva and Amazon KDP, this course will show you exactly how to create your planner in Canva, the right way, and then how to get it through the Amazon KDP process to self publish.

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