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The ultimate template hub for business

Canva templates, trainings and social content for all business types

Ever thought how great it would be to have templates and Canva trainings all in one place?

Somewhere you can just download, edit and away you go? Saving you time and money, with professional graphics?

All easily editable in a free Canva account?

Or are you looking to learn more about Canva? How it can be a benefit to your business and give you the skills to create consistent branded graphics?

Well then this membership is for you

Filled with templates and trainings for every aspect of your business, along with social media prompts and post content.

Are you new to Canva and would like to find more out about Canva PRO? you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here Get Canva PRO free for 30 days

The membership will help you;

  • To become more visible on Social Media
  • Save you money, but still give that professional look
  • Save you time, because I’ve done the hard work for you
  • Stay consistent across your business and social channels
  • Help your followers to recognise your brand more and potentially buy from you

It will also:

  • Help you to create your own branded graphics
  • Help you to refine your brand/colours/logo/images/fonts etc…
  • Give you Trainings and Tutorials on getting the most out of Canva
  • Give Tutorials on new Canva features
  • Social media content posts and prompts

13 Modules

Canva - START HERE - Welcome to TCHub 😀

The beginning of your Canva creative journey. Have a look here first, there is a template pack for you to start with and a couple of training videos to get you used to Canva and how to edit the templates.

Canva - Feature trainings

Here's a selection of Canva trainings on different features that will super useful for your business, they may be creative, AI related or time saving, there will be something new to learn here - new trainings will be added.

Canva - COURSE - Create your brand in Canva

If you are yet to get your branding sorted or you would like a bit of a refresh, this is the ideal next step for you, this course will take you through creating your brand and getting it set up in your Canva account.

Canva - COURSE - 30 Canva design tutorials

30 Canva design tutorials - The first 10

This awesome challenge gets you using Canva in different ways, creating a design every day for 30 days, also helping you to form a design habit and start to create awesome graphics for your business. lets think outside the box. You don't have to create every day though, just as and when you would like to have a look at a new tutorial

Canva - COURSE Back to Basics

The Canva back to basics training is here in the membership!

  • BRAND NEW Canva training video 
  • BRAND NEW Ebook 
  • 100 Canva templates pastel pack

This product is available to purchase separately, but as you're in the membership you get the full template pack of 100 as a thank you. (the separate product has 87)

Canva & AI - Let's get creating!

In this module you will find the most training videos, we look at different types of designs you can create, how to create them and any do's and don'ts you need to know along the way

AI - Trainings and prompt guides

AI - Image packs and prompts with commercial use licence

All of these images have been created using Midjourney, you can use these within your business and socials, but the prompt packs, which are for use with Midjourney means you can also use them for commercial use, as Midjourney offers this with their paid accounts, so anything you create using these prompts you can sell 😀

Ebooks & Resources

You'll find many useful resources here, from ebooks on keywords, to social media content ideas, this is always a good space to check out for new items.

Modules for this course 13
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