Recurring Revenue mini course

In this mini video series, we'll guide you through the world of recurring revenue, from doing your research to which platforms to use and how to create your promo graphics.

Whether you're a startup looking to gain stability or an established business aiming to diversify your income, this series has something for everyone. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and build a resilient future for your business.

Recurring revenue is a fantastic way to create new streams for your business, there is an amount of set up in the beginning and then promotion but once you are all set then it's just copy and repeat, repeat the process you have followed to create more streams.

Templates are a brilliant way to do this, creating template packs for your clients, we all love templates, they can easily be customised to suit our brand and they save a huge amount of time.

You will also find a selection of mock up templates you can use for your digital product promotion


I've created a 5 page planner pack that you can use as your first product, you can duplicate the pages to create a full planner, change the colour and/or font and get this out there for people top buy.

These are perfectly fine for you to sell on, but please do put your own stamp/branding on them before hand.

NOTE: If you're in the Creator Hub membership you will have access to this pack

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