Create Your Brand with Canva (In 6 simple steps)

Ever wanted to create your brand and get it set up correctly in Canva so you can use it on all of your graphics across your business?

In this 6 step course you will discover just how easy it is to do, and put it all into practice so you have your brand on hand at all times.

A brand is a unique view of your business, to help you stand out, it’s not just colours, fonts and imagery, it’s your tone of voice, how you come across on social media in videos and text posts.

Have a think about what impact you want to have on the world? 

What does your brand stand for?

What values do you have?

Who are you aiming at?

Who is your ideal customer?

These are just some of the questions we need to answer in order to have a brand that works for us, working through this course will help you answer these and so much more...

This course also includes the complete branding template pack for small businesses.

NOTE: If you are in the Creator Hub membership you have access to this pack

9 Modules

BONUS Branding ebook

The Branding ebook that goes with the training videos, this also includes a printable notes page for you to write down and plan out your brand.

Selecting your colours

The importance of colour

Choosing a Business Name

How to pick the right business name that suits you and what you do.

Creating your Logo

Using Canva to create your logo and the do's and don'ts

Finding your fonts

What fonts should you use and how many?

Images that represent what you do

How to select images with the right feel

Putting it all together and creating your brand kit

How to put it all together and use your new brand kit

Complete Branding template pack for small businesses

The complete branding pack for small businesses.

This pack includes:

  • 4 social media banner templates and a sizing template
  • 10 icons, highlights, buttons
  • Stock images with every graphic images (includes pro imagery, but can be easily changed)
  • 2 logo templates and sub logos, brand board, including fonts, colours and images
  • 6 page landing page/website template
  • 21 Facebook templates
  • Video tutorial on editing Canva templates

All editable in a free Canva account

Modules for this course 9
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